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The silence

Silence brings me close to God.

In the silence God speaks to me.

In the silence i fight with my sins, and in the silence i am who i really am… no masks!

In the silence God speaks, in the silence God wins my battles…

Silence brings me close to God.


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When i pray

Pray is the key to conect with God. It’s more than talking with the mouth, it’s to hear with the soul and heart. It’s more than shouting out loud, it’s the silence and solitude in the presence of the King. Prayer take us higher and make us more human!

When i pray, i don’t need to say anything. I can only admire the beauty of the Creator. He knows my heart.

When i pray, i don’t need long speeches and difficult words. With the simplicity of a child, God hears me and accepts me.

When i pray, i can be who i really am. I’m sure that when i pray, my Father hear my voice.

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