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All children imitate their parents in acting, speaking, walking, thinking and all other areas of life the children learn looking for their parents. If the parents have a behavior at home, your children will also develop this same behavior. If parents read the Bible and pray at home, the children will develop the same habit. If the parents say bad words, most likely their children will say bad words too. If the parents fight for any reason, the children will also find any reason to fight.

The bad thing is that many parents want to educate their children only with words, but do not give the example. They teach, but do not live what they teach. When this happens, the children will think, and maybe say to their parents: “But you are not like this, why do i have to be?” “You’ve never done that, why do i have to do?” True.

And the same happens in some churches, where we have pastors, teachers and professors who teach, preach and make good speeches, but only with words. They do not live what they preach. And people are growing up without the example of those who should lead by example.

But the good news is that when you don’t have the example of parents and even pastors and leaders, we can look to our older brother Jesus, who said: “Learn from me for I am gentle and humble in heart, and you will find rest for your souls.”

We have someone who lived among men and women here on earth and set the example not only with words but with actions, showing with His own life how to live. Jesus is our example.


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“Therefore I tell you, do not worry about your life…” Mathew 6.25

Anxiety is the biggest disease of the century. It is seen by some scholars as the mother of neuroses. Perhaps it’s the most democratic evil of our generation, since it affects children, young and old. It is present in the lives of doctors and illiterate. The word anxiety in the Greek means strangulation. There are many people suffocated. They live in torment, no peace, no rest in the soul.

Jesus spoke about the harmful effects of anxiety in the Sermon on the Mount.He taught that anxiety is a sign of unbelief. We are anxious because we no longer believe that God is able to take care of our lives or because we want to be in control instead of letting God in control. Anxiety is a lack of faith in God’s providence.

Jesus said we should look at the birds of heaven. Even without sowing or reaping, God feeds them. Also He tells us to observe the lilies of the field, because even Solomon in all his splendor was dressed so wonderfully. We are worth more than the birds and plants. And if God takes care of birds and plants will certainly take care of us. He loves us.

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Why is there this distinction between black and white, yellow and red, rich and poor? After all, who is better than who?

When God created humanity, He made no distinction between races. God created man and woman with a heart and put inside of them the love that united them and made them one. Where is this love? Where is the power that is able to unite people with different characteristics?

Love gone cold, and the result is racism, separation, hatred and disunity. The distance between people is increasing and is increasingly visible.

How frequently we cross people on the street and don’t even look to them. We seat as far as we can from other people and we look with indifference to those who are not like us.

How good would it be if we just go back to the first love and accept people simply for who they are, to seat close to differente people on the bus without judging them and show compassion for the needy.

How good will it be when everyone understand that through God’s eyes, we are all One, created in His own image and likeness.

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Who plays your guitar?

Music is something that catches my eye since childhood, and my first instrument was a guitar, and many times I do not rearranged with the guitar, do not get the perfect sound and I always thought: It’s the guitar’s fault. I thought they were instruments that had been poorly made, the wood was not good, the strings were of low quality so I could not play right. I was convinced: It’s the guitar’s fault.

Until a guy named Tommy Emmanuel said:

Each of us is like a guitar, and sometimes we don’t like the sound of it! Blame it on guitar… we think.

We blame ourselves for our dissonance and when we are out of tune … and we think that everything in us is made to go wrong!

So we try to deliver the guitar (our life) in the hands of the Great Artist (God)! And isn’t the music different and better?

The question that remains is: Who plays your guitar?

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Your life matters

You were created to love and be loved. You were made to have relationship with other people. You need to understand that your storie is important and you are part of a greater storie. You need to know that your life matters

We live in a lost and dying world and for the most people, life is hard all the time. I believe we all can go through difficult situations, we all have questions inside, and we all feel pressured at some point. But the truth is that your are not alone.

Millions of people have problems, feel pressured and the pain is real, but hope also is real and God is working for us, and not against us. He is our hope.

People are important because God works in their favor. You are important, because even in the hard situations, God is still with you. He loves you and so we must love Him with all our heart. We also must love people and show them this very truth os God’s favor and love.

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Mark 10.13-16 we see Jesus and His disciples surrounded by a crowd, and Jesus was doing what He does best: teaching. Meanwhile, the people were bringing many children for Jesus to touch and transform them. But the disciples did not understand the purpose of that, and they started to rebuke them.

What were the disciples doing? Why were they rebuking them?

Probably they thought that Jesus was too tired and they should not bother Him, or they thought that the children were too young to understand Jesus.

The story tells us that Jesus got angry with His disciples, because He values the children. Jesus said: “Let the little children come to me, and do not hinder them, for the kingdom of God belongs to such as these.” The disciples attitude displeased Jesus because He is the kids number one friend and He will always have time for them.

The disciples underestimated the value of a child and ignored the true nature of the Kingdom of God. The child does not have to become an adult first in order to partipate in the Kingdom of God; on the contrary, it’s the adult that needs to become like a child in order to enter the Kingdom.

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